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021 - Female Muslim Filmmakers and Hollywood (Iman Zawahry)

av 786 Boulevard | Publicerades 1/3/2021

Iman Zawahry is a female Muslim filmmaker who is attempting to break down stereotypes using comedy, and is currently working on her film, American-ish, which follows three Pakistani Muslim women pursuing their dreams in Queens, New York. We speak to her about her journey into filmmaking, the place of Muslim women in Hollywood, what her tips are for up and coming filmmakers and some tips for screenwriting. 2:11 - Ms. Marvel and Muslim representation 5:36 - The progression in Muslim Representation  8:15 - Is Marvel simply doing a cash-grab or do they care about the Muslim narrative? 10:35 - What got you into film? 15:45 - Forging your own path  21:41 - Backlash from your own community? 25:01 - Hollywood and the Hijab 29:12 - Why not show practicing Muslims on film? 37:58 - American-ish 42:00 - Marketing and producing a film 44:02 - Iman's Screenwriting tips  52:06 - Raising the stakes in film-writing? 59:45 - Advice to newcomers in the film industry 1:01:16 - What's next for Iman Zawahry? -- 786 Boulevard is a podcast by Nouri Sardar, Hasnain Ali and Ali Alvi, who gather Muslims of all kinds to discuss culture, art, spirituality, and how the three intertwine.  We're on the Podcast platforms below - subscribe! Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/3f1svZ0 Anchor: https://anchor.fm/786boulevard Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3cDTnNf Check us out on Instagram: @786Boulevard And Twitter: @786Boulevard

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