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023 - Writing Ramy, 13 Reasons Why & Telling Stories in Hollywood (Sahar Jahani)

av 786 Boulevard | Publicerades 1/17/2021

Sahar Jahani is an Iranian-American writer/director raised and residing in Los Angeles. After receiving an MFA in Film and Television Screenwriting, Sahar worked in development at YouTube Originals before transitioning to the writers room on Hulu’s award winning Ramy. She also wrote and directed Just One Night, an award winning short film, and was a writer on Season 4 of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why.   In episode 23, Sahar talks about her journey into the film industry and landing a writer’s role on Ramy. We’ll be discussing the negative Muslim reactions to the show and the hunger for Muslim representation on film and TV. We’ll also be talking about the writer’s room on TV shows, tips for getting into screenwriting and the relationship between the art of film and our spirituality. 2:02 - Muslim pioneer in the film industry or just doing what you love? 4:04 - Is the Muslim story essential in the industry as a Muslim? 11:02 - Sahar's journey to screenwriting 23:23 - Relationship between film and spirituality? 30:39 - Sahar's short film "Just One Night" and the difference between writing for film vs. television 40:51 - Muslim backlash to Ramy 48:58 - Hasnain's perspective on Ramy 55:15 - What was it like being in the writers room? 1:03:12 - Adapting to working with other writers 1:09:12 - Advice from Sahar to aspiring Muslim screenwriters 1:15:46 - Iranian filmmaking  1:20:55 - Do Muslims belong in Hollywood? -- 786 Boulevard is a podcast by Nouri Sardar, Hasnain Ali and Ali Alvi, who gather Muslims of all kinds to discuss culture, art, spirituality, and how the three intertwine.  We're on the Podcast platforms below - subscribe!   Apple Podcasts: https://apple.co/3f1svZ0   Anchor: https://anchor.fm/786boulevard   Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3cDTnNf   Check us out on Instagram: @786Boulevard And Twitter: @786Boulevard

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