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Anne Edmonds and Lloyd Langford's songs that shaped them

Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to live with a comedian? You’re about to find out. Anne Edmonds and Lloyd Langford both make people laugh for a living. You would have seen Eddo on stage and screen over the past ten years, she reached a whole new audience as her alter ego Helen Bidou, and is part of the hugely popular podcast The Grub. Lloyd Langford hails from Wales, and has popped up on QI, Never Mind the Buzzcocks, and countless over TV shows as he’s plied his trade in stand up. Recently, he moved to Melbourne. To be with Anne. Cos they’re a couple. As the Melbourne International Comedy kicked off, I asked the two of them to join me to Take 5. See, they’re doing a show together, so why not continue the theme? Two songs each, one together, and a barrel of laughs. Kasey Chambers – Captain Lee “Scratch” Perry – Clint Eastwood Rides Again Chuck Berry – Let It Rock Emmy Lou Harris – The Boxer Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash – Jackson

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