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Ed Kuepper's decades

When I say the name Ed Kuepper, what comes to mind? The Saints? Laughing Clowns? The Aints? Maybe his prolific solo career, or his work crafting beautiful soundtracks for the big and small screen. Born in Germany, and raised in Brissie, Ed Kuepper is a living legend of the Australian underground, and his impact on the artists that have followed stretches decades. In 2021 he marks 45 years as a recording artist, so I thought it was high time he joined me to Take 5. While his work has travelled from punk to avant garde jazz and beautifully languid guitar, I was curious about the songs that fuelled him, over five decades of making music. Some of these songs make total sense, others are total brilliant curveballs. Grounding it all is the rumbling voice of one of our greatest guitarists, songwriters, and storytellers. John Kongos - 'He's Gonna Step On You Again' Andy Scott – ‘Kruggerands’ Notorious B.I.G – ‘Hypnotize’ Smoke Fairies – ‘Hotel Room’ PJ Harvey – ‘The Ministry of Defence’

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