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Gracie Otto's island songs

The AIR studios in Montserrat are the stuff of legend. Back in the 80’s, Sir George Martin set up a place to record in the middle of the Caribbean. It was an escape for the likes of Paul McCartney, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, and Dire Straits. The Police captured one of their biggest albums there, and Duran Duran hung out for a spell too. This haven in the West Indies was short lived though; a hurricane then a dormant volcano that became active, changed the island forever. Now this story is being told, by Australian director Gracie Otto. Under the Volcano is a capture of time, when big money was being spent making albums and some of the biggest personalities were making them. But it’s also the story of an island and it’s people, and how they impacted the lives and sounds of these musicians forever. From Arrow to Dire Straits to Elton, Gracie Otto shares her island songs and the stories behind sharing this magical tale. Hot Hot Hot - Arrow Grace Jones - Slave to The Rhythm Ride Across The River - Dire Straits Stevie Wonder - I just Called To Say I love You Elton John - I’m Still standing

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