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Gruff Rhys' bedrock songs

Gruff Rhys is a legend of the Welsh music scene. As frontman for the Super Furry Animals, he took his band to global success. Gruff was at the centre of the Cool Cymru scene at the dawn of the new millennium, and he’s collaborated widely with everyone from Gorillaz to Boom Bip to Sparklehorse. He’s also had a prolific solo career, and on the day he released his 7th album, Gruff joined me from Wales to Take 5.  I’m not gonna lie, I love Welsh accents. And Gruff has such a beautiful spirit, this is one of those conversations you can just sit and let flow over you. Gruff Rhys is no stranger to biographical albums, but Seeking New Gods could be the first one he’s made about a mountain. Or at least, set out to. This is a conversation as much about the wild making of his latest work, as it is the foundations of Gruff; from a bright eyed Velvet Underground fan to someone who work collaborate with John Cale, and find his own unique place in the world. Y Nhw  - 'Siwsi' Kelly Lee Owens / John Cale - 'Corner Of My Sky' A Tribe Called Quest - 'The Luck of Lucien' The Beach Boys - 'Til I Die' Yoko Ono - 'What a Bastard The World Is'

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