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Lindy Morrison's life

This is a story that’s not often been told. Lindy Morrison is well known as the drummer for The Go-Betweens. Over a decade, her drumming shaped the sound of one of most acclaimed acts, and her unconventional style made beautifully written poems into earworms. But before she was in a rock band, Lindy was an activist, she performed theatre, and she travelled the world. After her time with The Go-Betweens, she went on to become an advocate for Australian musicians, and every time I’ve come across Lindy she’s been the firecracker in the centre of the room. Fiercely passionate, incredibly fun, and a woman who speaks her mind. Lindy’s story has recently been told by her lifelong friend Tracey Thorn. The British singer met Lindy backstage back in 1983, and a bond formed. Her memoir is not only a beautiful story of friendship but of the erasure of women in rock n’ roll folklore. It’s time to fill in the gaps of our musical history. Just wait till you hear the life of Lindy. Plastic Ono Band - 'Give Peace a Chance' Lou Reed - 'Walk on the Wild Side' X-Ray Spex - 'Oh Bondage Up Yours!' The Go-Betweens - 'Your Turn my Turn' Alex The Astronaut - 'I Think You’re Great'

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