Four Favorites: Josh Ruben on Jaws, Darkman, Werewolves Within and Patrick Wilson’s ass

This episode, we hit the sweet spot with actor, writer, director and Letterboxd member Josh Ruben, whose new comedy-horror Werewolves Within is out now on video on demand. Josh takes hosts Slim and Gemma through his four favorites: Darkman, Jaws, Little Children and Planes, Trains and Automobiles. We praise Steve Martin’s dramatic roles, Spielberg’s “little mumblecore fish movie”, the secret to directing horror-comedy and why Ghost gets a “five all round” from Josh. Related links: The Letterboxd list of films mentioned in this episode Chopper Fireball’s exploding helicopter megalist The highest-rated, most obsessively rewatched club 2020 list List of sunlit horror films Rebecca Henderson’s Instagram Janicza Bravo’s filmography Mike Nichols’ filmography Movies where the sex scene is necessary ‘Help i got too horny’ list Slim’s man ass list Trans Lifeline Credits: This episode was recorded in Philadelphia, Auckland and Josh Ruben’s house, and edited by Slim. Theme music: ‘Vampiros Danceoteque’ by Moniker. Transcript by Sophie Shin.

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