Four Favorites: Justin LaLiberty on Breathless, Dolph Lundgren and Snoop Dogg horror

On this episode, film archivist and adult-movie enthusiast Justin LaLiberty (of Vinegar Syndrome) unleashes the Dogg for his four Letterboxd faves: Showdown in Little Tokyo; Bones; Breathless (the Richard Gere remake); and SexWorld. We also discuss the wildly underrated action star Dolph Lundren, the wildly underrated director Ernest R. Dickerson, why it’s stupid that remakes get a bad rap, the experience of seeing Cronenberg’s Crash far too young, working in video stores and movie theaters, Justin’s recent curatorial work on Letterboxd’s adult titles, and—again!—why Babe: Pig in the City is a five-star film. Related links: The Letterboxd List of Films mentioned in this episode Justin’s How I Letterboxd Letterboxd lists of Anti-Capitalist horror, Male Frontal Nudity in Cinema, Man Ass, Los Angeles Plays Itself Josephkidney’s review of Breathless Rob’s review of SexWorld Credits: This episode was recorded in New York, Pennsylvania and Auckland, and edited by Slim. Facts by Jack. Booker: Linda Moulton. Theme music: ‘Vampiros Dancoteque’ by film and television composing trio Moniker. Transcript by Sophie Shin.

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