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018 Decluttering Clothing Podcast

av A Slob Comes Clean | Publicerades 2/6/2014

Finally, another podcast! Just two weeks late! In this podcast, I’m talking about decluttering clothing. Links to posts mentioned in this podcast: How to Declutter Clothing It’s Okay to Keep One, Right? Attacking Clothing Clutter My Laundry Metamorphosis (How I Finally Have Laundry Under Control) The Laundry Management Method that is Rocking My World Three […]

Om Podcasten

Nony (Dana K White) from shares reality-based cleaning and organizing tips based on her own deslobification process. As she finds ways to keep her own home under control and combat "Slob Vision" she shares cleaning, decluttering, and organizing strategies, that work in real life. And she's funny.