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312: 6 Years of Wisdom In 45 Minutes

av Achieve Your Goals with Hal Elrod | Publicerades 3/4/2020

Today’s Episode: “6 Years of Wisdom In 45 Minutes” is something very different. It’s an actual message taken from our Best Year Ever Blueprint (BYEB) Mentors program that we introduced this week.

I asked Chip Franks to choose one of his favorite videos from inside the program, and to use the audio for this week’s Achieve Your Goals podcast episode, to give you some added value this week.

This particular BYEB Mentors session that he chose features me, and my two dear friends, Jon Vroman and Jon Berghoff, sharing our most valuable lessons learned during the past 6 years of hosting the Best Year Ever Blueprint.

And while I’ve been pretty open about my struggles this past year, I’d say this is the most vulnerable I’ve ever been. This session takes you really deep into my lowest point, the reasons why, and more importantly - what you can do now if you’re struggling, too.

We also give you universally applicable self-awareness activities that you can immediately implement to improve any area of your life.

This is some extremely valuable knowledge—but something that we all know is that knowledge isn’t power, it’s only potential power.

So how do we put this into practice?

To help you put this into practice, we’ve put together some journaling (aka “Scribing”) questions in the BYEB Mentors program for this particular session and copied them in the show notes and we suggest you put them into practice.


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