You Gotta Stop Saying the Word “Should”

In this episode, Alex and Meredith dive deep into the mindset and expectations around fitness and nutrition. They challenge the common phrase "I feel like I should..." and discuss why setting expectations of when you should see results could be hindering to your process. They emphasize the importance of relentless consistency, hard work, and embracing the process rather than focusing solely on end goals. They also talk about the importance of finding joy in your fitness journey, as well as identifying your “why” to keep pushing forward.— The Story of How We Met— Hard Work and No Results— “I Feel Like I Should…”— Letting Go of Your Ego— Learning to Have Patience— Accepting The Changes That Happen Over Time— Finding Joy in the Process— Finding Your “Why”Resources Mentioned in This Episode:· Wodapalooza Miami (· Listen to Afternoon Snack: Our Take on Having Kids: Facing Societal Pressures & Making Your Own Decisions (· Listen to Afternoon Snack: The Five Pillars of Success: How They Can Help You Unlock Your Full Potential (· Read Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth (· Tactic Nutrition on Instagram: Slow Progress and Ready to Quit? (· Ultra Runner Courtney Dauwalter on Instagram (· Adam Grant on Instagram (────────────────────────────Want to work with Tactic Functional Nutrition? Check Out Our Services ( More About Us Here ( and be sure to follow Tactic Nutrition on IG (!Stay in the loop with us by signing up for our email list! (

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Alex & Meredith are nutrition and fitness coaches and owners of Tactic Nutrition, sure. But this podcast is so much more than that. They are also no-bs straight shooters who want to take out the trash of the health and fitness business, one macro at a time. So yes they will talk workouts, weight training, cardio/endurance, and eating and meal plans. But they will also talk about how the health and wellness space has been affected by social media. What its like to be a competitive athlete with your own spouse but you also own a business together. And maybe occasionally why getting a cat before getting a dog was a good idea and how there is very little good lesbian tv content out there. So join them and the Tactic Nutrition team each week for new episodes right here on Afternoon Snack!