Info Warfare, New Medicines and Australia's Future with Dr. Brian Walker

Today's brilliant guest is Dr. Brian Walker, Western Australia MP and a seriously refreshing source of optimism.  You may know him for his fierce cannabis advocacy in the Western Australia Parliament, or his reasonable and informed stance on utilising MDMA, psilocybin and LSD for the treatment of mental health conditions. You may know him for his nuanced approach to fostering financial, psychophysical and community wellbeing, or you may even know him for his mastery of the Japanese martial art practices of kendo and iaido. Whatever you may know him for, I’ve come to consider him as the unspoken leader of Australia’s rational revolution. Dr. Brian's work: Youtube: LinkedIn: If you enjoy today’s episode, let me know! Drop a review. Send me a letter. 

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Did psychedelics spark our first religions? If the bees die, do we? Will we find a way to avoid our catastrophic climate change, or will the sun implode and kill us all anyway? Age of Info is all about the knowledge humans have obtained during our journey through time on this pale blue dot.