Ep 165 Karen Hostetler, Mountain Meadow Wool NOT Just the Old Run of the Mill

We’re back from the cold and snowy north.  Our trip to Mountain Meadow Mill in Buffalo, Wyoming was delightful, and today we’re bringing you a conversation with Karen Hostetler, its founder – who is also the matriarch of a fast-growing clan of Hostetlers.  They were a truly nice bunch, and we’ll definitely want to go back again after this trip (even after next week’s podcast with Ben, aka Hostetler #2).  The Wyoming and Montana regions are full of many things, even though many people don’t think of what surrounds one of the country’s most famous and majestic National Parks.  Sheep ranching, Basque and other history, and more things than we can quickly mention abound in this area, so we’ll be back.  Maybe we’ll have to buy another sweater, too, just in case it gets cold again.Links:https://mountainmeadowwool.com/ https://www.nps.gov/orgs/1207/most-famous-national-parks-set-visitation-records-in-2021.htm https://www.nps.gov/subjects/socialscience/annual-visitation-highlights.htm https://www.nps.gov/subjects/socialscience/highlights.htm http://toprams.com/catalog.htm https://www.shepherdslane.com/ https://mountainmeadowwool.com/collections/apparel/products/mountain-merino-wool-hoodiesSupport the show

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