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Ep 176 The Turkmen and the Akhal-Teke

We’re back from our trip to the San Juan Islands, which can comfortably be said to be one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  It’s full of natural beauty and interesting creatures, so on the way over to geographical bliss, you’ll stand on the windswept deck of the Anacortes ferry, viewing and smelling glorious the forested stretches of Sitka spruce, western red cedar and shore pines which blanket the shoreline of the Salish Sea and the Olympic Peninsula.  You’ll be amazed by the local residents – things like seals, Bald Eagles, migrating salmon, Orcas, and Akhal-Teke horses.  Wait.  What?  The beautifully exotic horse from Turkmenistan?  Yep, they were there too.  The ever-gracious Amrita Ibold set up an amazing visit, which not only included a visit to the so-friendly-they-could-be-dogs Akhal-Teke horses themselves (favorites from our last visit), but also a truly exotic interview with Gul Muhammet and his friend, representatives and leaders from the Turkmenian community in Seattle.  To top it off, there were authentic costumes and tack for our cameras to capture, and a beach and forest ride featuring the amazing equines.  As an experience, it will be hard to top this one in the BYGF universe.Turkmenistan is not too far from Ukraine, another place we hear a lot about these days.  As you listen to today’s podcast, we hope you might think about the people who can appreciate the current impact of all of those things we hear on the news, and write in history books.  Keeping the “Culture” part of agri-Culture is what it’s all about.  It’s the “living” part of our living history.Links: Support the show

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