291: Agri Market Outlook for Livestock | 30.07.21

This podcast introduces AHDB’s analysis of the prospects for the UK’s livestock farming industry over the coming months. Covering red meat (pork, beef and lamb) and dairy, it explores production, trade and consumption for the year ahead. Phil Maiden asks Duncan Wyatt (AHDB's Lead Analyst for Livestock) and Patty Clayton (AHDB's Lead Analyst Dairy) about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on supply chains as well as the knock-on effects of leaving the EU.  Phil then speaks to Jon Foot (AHDB's Head of Environment) about the work he and his team are doing with farmers to help reduce their carbon footprint and how to become eligible for future funding schemes.  What is the Agri-Market Outlook? Read the full reports for each sector here: Agri Market Outlook | AHDB Useful links: Beef Market Outlook: https://ahdb.org.uk/news/beef-market-outlook-july-2021-now-online Lamb Market Outlook: https://ahdb.org.uk/news/outlook-for-uk-lamb-market-july-2021 Horizon Blog: https://ahdb.org.uk/news/trade-and-policy/horizon-blog-trade-deals-food-standards Carbon Outlook: https://ahdb.org.uk/news/environment-sustainable-farming-incentive-and-carbon-outlook

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