Neelima Parasker, CEO of SnapIT Solutions, shares the recipe for making high-quality STEM education accessible to all

Neelima Parasker started coding at a young age.  Inspired by her entrepreneur mother, she studied Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering before eventually starting SnapIT Solutions. Neelima's passion for investing in unproven talent has guided her as a leader. She's an active entrepreneur coach and is involved in many civic organizations in and around the Kansas City area.Listen and learn...The single most important lesson for parents looking to cultivate a love of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in their kids.How Neelima has built a culture around her belief that we should "use technology to grow people, not the other way around."How glass ceilings for women and under-represented minorities can be shattered.How governments should take responsibility for improving access to STEM education.Why Neelima isn't afraid of bots taking jobs because "our faults make us human."References in today's episode...SnapIT SolutionsJoe Rehmann from Victory Farms on AI and the Future of WorkFilip Dousek on AI and the Future of Work

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