Andy Cooney's NY Irish Music Hour

Andy Cooney's New York Irish Hour (10)

av Andy Cooney's NY Irish Music Hour | Publicerades 5/8/2021

We have an awesome show for you this week!  I'm playing some new artists to the NY Irish Hour, The Elders, Flogging Molly, Tommy Fleming, Pat Marnane & Celtic Cross.  You'll also enjoy a new face on the  Irish Comedy scene, Mick Thomas!Part 1Michael English, The Elders, Nathan Carter, The Murphy's,Part 2Derek Ryan, Mick Thomas, Pat Marnane, Celtic Cross, Tis Himself!Part 3Olivia Douglas, Stephens Green, Flogging Molly, Tommy Fleming with Phil Coulter

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Andy Cooney, Star of Carnegie Hall, dubbed by The New York Times as Irish America's Favorite Son, hosts an Irish Music show like no other...