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Learning About Astrology with Adria from my Angel Wellness Team

Have you been interested in astrology but don't know where to begin? In this episode, Adria from my Angel Wellness Team is here today to talk all things astrology. She dives into the importance of your signs and how they can help benefit you in more ways than one. This is a must listen episode if you want to learn more about astrology but don't know anything about it!  In This Episode We Discuss: You are more than just your sun sign: The Big Three The Big Three and your horoscope readings  What is the value of learning your birth chart? Not everything you learn from astrology is all “doom and gloom” How horoscopes are different from your birth chart readings Where can you find legit information about astrology? If someone gave you an astrology reading and the energy doesn’t mix, how do you fix that energy? Adria's journey into The Angel Reiki School Going over my birth chart You already experienced all types of energies from your birth chart Book An Angel Reading With The Team! Are you looking for a specific angel reading? These team members each have unique gifts they can offer you during your reading with them. Interested? Book a reading here! :    Healing Ancestral Trauma + Inner Child Energy Healing Course Sign up for my new course here!    Angel Membership It's the next best thing to having a session with me each week! Join any time of year and you'll receive access to the course of the month and all previous courses (except the Angel Reiki School which is separate). Angel Membership walks you through your personal journey of spiritual growth with new content each month including: 4 teaching videos, 2 reiki audio recordings, 2 live Q&A’s, a workbook and a community to connect with other students, there to support you — EACH MONTH year-after-year! I worked with Spirit for years to channel this program and my students are raving. Friends, I've taken other courses before and I can tell you that no one offers as much content as I'm giving you here for this price. This is the program you've been looking for!!! What are you waiting for? Invest in yourself. Become an Angel Member and get started on today! Course schedule:  May: Find Your Purpose June: Self Energy Healing with Archangel Raphael and Chakras 101  July: Rewrite Your Story and Change Your Life August: Rewiring Your Brain and Watch Miracles Unfold  September: Ancestral Trauma with Your Angels October: Inner Child Work with Archangel Michael November: The Guide to Being an Empath December: Deepening Your Connection with Your Loved Ones in Heaven  January: Manifestation, Co-Creation and Living the Life of Your Dreams February: Oneness and Living in the Highest Vibration That Is March: Angel Communication  April: Trust Your Intuition Angel Reiki School Imagine what life will be like when you know how to use your spiritual gifts of connecting with Angels, mediumship, intuition, seeing color and/or healing with your hands to help others change their lives. When you know how to clear energy and transmute low vibrations into love, joy, peace, and bliss. When you understand how to live in ease but attract more than ever before. Friends, at my Angel Reiki School you'll learn the skills you need to develop your unique spiritual gifts and become an Angel Reiki Master Teacher. Learn more and register at:   Angel Art Contest Friends, we’re looking to use your angel paintings and angel art in some big productions we have coming up. Please submit your work to:   Write A 5-Star Positive Review Email a screenshot of your 5-star positive review to for your chance to win a 25 minute session with Julie or a student in her Angel Reiki School. When you email a screenshot of your review, you will be added to Julie's email list. Must be on Julie's email list to win.    Join Me on the Socials Website: Instagram: Facebook Group: TikTok: @angelpodcast Facebook Page:

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