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av Arts & Ideas | Publicerades 2/13/2020

Morgan M Page, Jana Funke & Senthorum Raj look at how we apply modern LGBT+ language and identities to historical figures both real and fictional and what it means to have to "prove" your identity today in today's legal world. Shahidha Bari presents. Morgan M Page is a writer, performance + video artist, and trans historian whose podcast is called One From The Vaults Jana Funke teaches Medical Humanities at the University of Exeter Senthorum Raj teaches at Keele University School of Law. In the Free Thinking archives you can find programmes Writing Love: Jonathan Dollimore, Sappho Queer Icons: Plato's Symposium Censorship and Sex Naomi Wolf on John Addington Symonds and Sarah Parker on Michael Field HD and Bryher are discussed, alongside Jane Harrison and Hope Mirrlees in this episode Pioneering Women: academics and classics Tom Smith explores the East German Military's fascination with its soldiers' sexuality Weimar and the Subversion of Cabaret Culture Production team Caitlin Benedict & Alex Mansfield

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