Mesmic - Return of the DJ

It has been a dark time for AuralCandy.Net. The long absence of master Mesmic has left the peoples of the galaxy in a state of unrest. Betrayed by the Pioneer Empire and left without a mixer, our brave hero's powers have not found an outlet. Until now...This podcast episode features music published by Basiq Label, Black Bubble Records, Church, Increase The Groove, Lobster Theremin, Local Talk Records, Plug Research, Studio Barnhus and others.MK-Ultra vs. Tendo - Return of the DJ [Intro]Laurence Guy - Saw You for the First Time [Original Mix]Kornél Kovács - Pantalón [Original Mix]Crackazat - Holding You Close [Original Mix]Kornél Kovács - Szikra [Original Mix]Tour-Maubourg - Manhattan to Brooklyn [Original Mix]TRP - The Future [Original Mix]Mr. Hazeltine - Theory of Mind [Original Mix]DeK Xster - Bungalow Beat [Extended Mix]Chris Q, Jordy Swift & Kike Falcon - Who Loves The Sun [Edit]Adonai - Aire [Extended Mix]Imre Kiss - Love [Original Mix]Royer - Classe 2 [Simple Version]

Om Podcasten

AuralCandy.Net is a House Music podcast hosted by the Finnish DJ duo MK-Ultra & Mesmic with more than three decades of combined experience under their belt. Ever since its establishment in 2008 AuralCandy.Net podcasts have reached tens of thousands of listeners from over 150 countries. AuralCandy.Net collaborates with over 50 record labels such as Bonzai Progressive, Piston Recordings and Monog Records.