MK-Ultra - 12th Anniversary Special

In celebration of our 12th anniversary, MK-Ultra presents a real cross section of that signature AuralCandy.Net sound. High energy Techno and Tech House with Deep House and Progressive House thrown in for good measure. Bonus: Unreleased DJ mixes discovered in the archives.

This podcast episode features music published by Bonzai Progressive, CZ Code, Cibicaldi Records, Digital Diamonds, Green Martian, Høyde, Progrez, Rough Cut Records, Suol and others.

  1. MK-Ultra & Mesmic - 12th Anniversary Shout Out [Intro]
  2. Roaches - Beatbox [Loophole Remix]
  3. Louis Irvine - In My Mind [Original Mix]
  4. AAvA - Strange Pilot [Original Mix]
  5. Sandilé - Feelin' So [Original Mix]
  6. Horo - Hi Everyone [Original Mix]
  7. Roddy Reynaert & Phi Phi - Haarp [Original Mix]
  8. Van Czar & Cysxe - Horny Acid Phone [Original Mix]
  9. Ecilo - Space Loops Creation #3 [Original Mix]
  10. Alic - The Acid Flow [Triptacular Edit]
  11. Mar'yan Kitsenko - Boutique [Original Mix]
  12. Fashion Police - Ocean Took Him Away [Original Mix]

Om Podcasten

AuralCandy.Net is a House Music podcast hosted by the Finnish DJ duo MK-Ultra & Mesmic with more than three decades of combined experience under their belt. Ever since its establishment in 2008 AuralCandy.Net podcasts have reached tens of thousands of listeners from over 150 countries. AuralCandy.Net collaborates with over 50 record labels such as Bonzai Progressive, Piston Recordings and Monog Records.