MK-Ultra - Crate Digging Vol. 03

Oh yes, more gems from MK-Ultra's vinyl collection! Authentic Acid Jazz, Reggae, Hip-Hop and Soul vibes from United States, Caribbean, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France and Japan. The spinning platter is about to take you on a musical world tour.

This podcast episode features music published by Anthology Recordings, Chillhop Records, Inflamable, Mo Wax, Music On Vinyl, Soul Jazz Records, Warner Music Group and others.

  1. MK-Ultra & Keith Mansfield - Funky Crate Digging Fanfare [Intro]
  2. UNKLE feat. Tom Yorke - Rabbit In Your Headlights
  3. DJ Krush - Anticipation
  4. Joel Vandroogenbroeck & Walt Rockman - Fairy Tale
  5. Morcheeba - Friction
  6. Ras Michael & The Sons of Negus - Good People
  7. Ester Phillips - Use Me
  8. Fatboy Slim feat. Macy Gray - Demons
  9. DJ Cam Quartet - Espionnage
  10. Chief - Yesterday
  11. Erykah Badu - The Healer
  12. DJ Shadow - Hindsight

Om Podcasten

AuralCandy.Net is a House Music podcast hosted by the Finnish DJ duo MK-Ultra & Mesmic with more than three decades of combined experience under their belt. Ever since its establishment in 2008 AuralCandy.Net podcasts have reached tens of thousands of listeners from over 150 countries. AuralCandy.Net collaborates with over 50 record labels such as Bonzai Progressive, Piston Recordings and Monog Records.