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168 | Samantha Covid-19 Birth Story

av Australian Birth Stories | Publicerades 4/9/2020

In today’s special Covid-19 episode, I chat to Samantha who birthed her second daughter 12 days ago. On the day before her waters broke, Samantha took her toddler to the GP as she was showing signs of coronavirus (fever, cough, wheezing) and they opted to play it safe and get tested. Subsequently, Samantha was assigned extra precaution at every step of her birthing journey; she was in a pressurised room at Sunshine Coast University Hospital, all her caregivers wore full personal protective equipment (PPE) and both she and her husband had to wear masks. Despite the extra level of protection, Samantha was supported and cared for in the best possible way and her story is encouraging and comforting, especially for those women due to give birth in the next few weeks and months.

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