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S2: Episode 51: Everyday Autism Series - Take 2

av Autism Mastermind | Publicerades 12/16/2020

Here we go again. After this is all over I would prefer to never hear the words “Virtual learning” again. Shut down and shut out. Super fun times are here once again (as she says sarcastically)  ___________________________  Email:  FB: @sautismmasterminds  IG: @autismmastermind Youtube: @AutismMastermind    

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Let's come together as autism parents, care providers and professionals and discuss ways to make our lives and our children's lives exceptional. Follow along with our personal journey raising our adult daughter and everyone we meet along the way. Be a guest on our podcast: email: FB: @autismmasterminds IG: @autismmastermind youtube: @autismmastermind