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Episode 293: Tournament of 70s Rock Bands

av Baconsale: Hickory-Smoked Pop Culture | Publicerades 3/8/2021

The Boys are Back in Town! It’s time for Baconsale to Listen to the Music of the 1970s. We Will Rock You as we take a Walk on the Wild side and discuss some of the greatest classic rock bands of all time. Much like many songs from the 70s, we go on a little long in this episode. Don’t feel Paranoid, though, we’re not going to Rock and Roll All Nite. Kent, Joel, and Zack are taking a Slow Ride on this tournament and only completing the first round. It’s Live and Let Die as some artists are going to have to Surrender, and there will be some Sweet Emotion as some of your favorite bands take the Stairway to Heaven. But hey, Love Hurts sometimes. Press play, but Don’t Fear the Reaper. And print out your own 70s bracket at Baconsale.com and play along with us!

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