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Hot Girl Summer Preparation Completed

av Baddiefluent | Publicerades 5/19/2021

Welcome to Baddiefluent! This week’s episode Rebecca discusses the fashion trends she thinks are coming back for summer 2021. Recently, fashion has been a huge trending thing and so many trends are happening all at once and it’s hard for us to fine a place to get started. Rebecca is going to help us learn how to be confident in our own body and to live life to our fullest. Baddiefluent hopes you enjoy and will see y’all next week! - to contact me make sure to dm on insta @baddiefluent and twitter @baddiefluent - also my email is if you have any questions - send me questions i would love to talk to you guys some more! - music in the beginning: meandu - lyric walls found on soundcloud: - join our tiktok family @baddiefluent for some more fun content!

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