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Bakes' Takes

Bakes' Takes podcast - Episode 16 - 6/22/20

av Bakes' Takes | Publicerades 6/24/2020

Bakes’ Takes Podcast Show Notes –Saturday June 20, 2020 :20 1) Special Father Day’s Edition! My fabulous Baker Boys, Bobby and Jack are in the house. My inspiration for Bakes’ Takes.:32 2) Jeremy Siegel on Barry Ritholtz’ Bloomberg Masters in Business Podcast—Bond yield low is in perhaps forever, capital losses coming for bond investors, 75/25 is the new 60/40. I’ll elaborate.:52 3) How to SELL stocks. :56 Bobby—JMU, QTS, 401(k), Betterment, why I do this.Shoulder to shoulder. 1:56 Jack—Bucknell, SMIF (CPB, LULU), UBS 2:38 I try to help my boys, their friends, and now you. 3:20 Segment 1—Bakes’ Takes on Your Questions of the Week! Especially my sons’! Bobby asked me to further explain 50-day and 200-day moving averages. Same CSCO example I used for September presentation. Brief aside, Oct. ’87. Read everything, more how to buy stocks than SELL stocks. 6:03 Peak $80, see high volume price break, then feeble rally. Be on guard. 8:00 How to SELL—breaks 200 dma, sell 1/3, 50 dma slices down through 200 dma, sell 1/3, 200 dma declines sell last 1/3. Out at roughly $60,

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