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Bakes' Takes Podcast - Episode 20 - 7/18/20 Bakes' Uranium Top Ten--Why I invested in URNM, URA! Family Guy!

av Bakes' Takes | Publicerades 7/24/2020

Bakes’ Takes Podcast Show Notes –Saturday July 18, 2020 :24 1) Top 10 reasons I invested in Uranium (URNM, URA)!:32 2) Fan questions/topics!:38 3) Family Guy! :50 Bakes’ Takes—Uranium, Charmingly laconic! Please do (and share) your due diligence, reminds me of oil and gas, titanium, potash, etc. 2:00Charts! 2:16 URNM-Daily, Volume 10x+ above normal! NH’s! URNM—Monthly, Volume! NH’s! 3:15 URA— Daily, Volume 4x+ above normal! NH’s! 3:41 URA—Monthly, $140 to $11 4:11Fukushima 3/11, Japan reactors 48 down to 6, demand for 25 mil pounds of U gone, 9 years later supply demand in balance? 4:50Bear story—inventory last years, seems unlikely, should be depleted by 2021 5:26Part of green solution, vs. problem 5:472 shut in mines-Cigar Lake, McArthur River, and others brought supply down 23% since 2016 6:07Showing up in price $140 down to $24 up to $34 6:436-8 years to develop new large mine-NexGen? 2 years to convert and enrich into fuel, long trend 7:28Need $70 to incentivize future production, long term contracts8:03Nuclear reactors up (highest in 25 years), demand up 1.5%/yr. 8:39I mentioned the charts, right? 8:46 Bakes’ Take on Uranium (thus far)—Battleship has turned, always looking for your data points, insights 9:26Please send top 3 bull points, 3 bear arguments! 9:41New theme-3 bull, 3 bear next week!—Mine? Yours? 9:58 Bakes’ Take—Podcasts of the Week! https://open.spotify.com/episode/53JJCSXFgyd6obKGl4FBHtDaren Heitman, Chris Gillespie—Their bullish inventory thesis—covered some in my Top 10,  consume 200 mil pounds a year, takes 2 years to convert and enrich?, Inventory=1.4b pounds, so 5 years of safety stock, 3/11 Fukushima 25 mil pounds 7 years=175 mil pounds, Cameco, Kazatomprom—COVID 45 mil extra pounds now used up, need 25 mil pounds starting next year, next 12 months, out of mobile inventory, peak $140, Cigar Lake, McCarthur not coming back on line until U is $40-50’s 13:41 Bakes’ Takes—Fan Mail! Calls! Questions! Mike Murph, NY-- what makes you choose 1 ETF over another if they track the same thing (SPY vs VOO vs IVV)? expense ratio main factor? .095% .03% .04% Or do you focus more on the liquidity? 95 mil, 4 mil, 5 mil Thank you again for your advice and help. Matters little, Nike—just do it 16:04 Charlie, PA-- Thanks for the reading list and the shout out! As always I appreciated this week's podcast/video and am looking forward to next week's. With regards to website suggestion; one thing I find most financial news outlets fail to prioritize and explain well is the key economic data that gets released on a quarterly, monthly, or even weekly basis (machine tool orders, unemployment claims, ADP payroll data, etc). implications were for financial markets and even various sectors, it would be extremely valuable! Despite being such significant catalysts, I feel as if these metrics do not get enough media coverage. 17:39 Bakes’ Takes-for bonds/FI maybe, for stocks I have never seen anyone profit from economic data to stock selection 18:47 Bobby, VA—How build diversified portfolio?Bakes’ Take—dovetails w/ Murph’s question, SPY and ROW portfolio (Davis?), 401(k) max or retirement plan, tax free until withdraw My insights after that done—ie. URNM, etc. Ladies-the boys are hogging the mike please chime in! 21:37 Jack—COVID trials, rules different for them but… Phase I Phase II  Phase III  25:15 Bakes’ Take-Chart Mania! Tweets of the Week! Tweet-Tavi Costa, SLVP extended, alert for pullback 25:50 Bakes’ Take—Reporters of the Week! https://www.economist.com/middle-east-and-africa/2020/07/18/the-end-of-the-arab-worlds-oil-age-is-nighJul 18th 2020BEIRutTheir budgets don’t add up anymore. Algeria needs the price of Brent crude, an international benchmark for oil, to rise to $157 dollars a barrel. Oman needs it to hit $87. No Arab oil producer, save tiny Qatar, can balance its books at the current price, around $40 (see chart).  29:25 Please subscribe, review and share my Bakes’ Takes Podcast on Apple, Spotify or your preferred platform. Please also subscribe to my Bakes’ Takes YouTube Channel, the audio is the same but the charts that I reference are on the screen. Follow us on Twitter @BakesTakes_ and other social media. Please use your voice memo app, tape your question(s) and email to bakes@bakestakespodcast.com or write if you prefer. I will also keep you anonymous is you’d like.Thank you for listening, Mike Wilson is my producer. Have a great week. Bakes 29:54 Much needed levity—Family Guy, Big Bang Theory!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmKJ0qwGJDI&list=PLCuG7PpjzYKyQIuLzUukxnJp4XqZ9pFx7

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