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The Girls Get Spiritual with Jana Stern

av Barely Functioning Podcast | Publicerades 1/14/2020

It’s the first full moon of 2020 and the girls get spiritual as they chat with Jana Stern. Jana is a certified Life Activation™ practitioner, metaphysical energetic healer (say that 10x fast), meditation guide, clairvoyant, and self love councillor. Using her gifts as an empath, she has become a power(light)house guide for anyone seeking to view their shadows and heal themselves. Jana shares her journey to deep spirituality through the depths of depression, an eating disorder to igniting the light inside of her and how she now works with her clients performing a light activation and helping them too, Ignite their Light. Aside from Jana sharing her amazing story the girls finally find out what the hell Mercury in retrograde is, cause we know Kristina has been blaming her whole life on Mercury. Amanda shares her love for Tarot and tapping into her psychic abilities, and they chat about those signs the Universe keeps sending and how we can understand what they mean. Follow us on Instagram @barelyfunctioningpodcast with your hosts Amanda & Kristina @kristina__hammond. Want to get in on our newsletter?! Subscribe at and submit your barely functioning OR totally thriving moments to Thank you to our partner Wolfe Academy! Wolfe Academy offers courses and workshops for entrepreneurs to learn how to build and market their brands through social and digital media. Become a member today and receive $25 off a WOLFE ACADEMY membership when you use code WOLFIE25 at checkout. Sign up at

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Everyone’s confused about everything & nobody gets it right all of the time. Some days we’re barely functioning, some days we’re totally thriving and most days we are a bit of both. But let’s be honest, we all thought we’d have it figured out by now. Grab a coffee, pour a glass and hang with Kristina (@kristina__hammond) every Tuesday as she discusses life experiences, hilarious, relatable truths and has a candid conversation on navigating adulthood. It's the breath of fresh air you never knew you needed.