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Beer Prime - Episode 24 - Simply Hops and Crisp Malt

av Beer Prime | Publicerades 5/13/2021

Episode 24 is all about the HOPS and MALT that make the beverage we love so much what it is! I speak with John Willett and Phil Lowry from Simply Hops and discover all about different varietals of hops, their history, the exciting new hops that are being cultivated, as well as the leaps and bounds that are being made in making the product more efficient for brewers, such as pellets and liquid hops! Then I chat with Becky Gee and Mike Benson from Crisp Malt, who provide the malted barley, wheat, oats and rye which are so important to the end product. We talk about the whole process, and touch on the science that goes into ensuring a premium product for Craft Breweries. I think its a really interesting episode!

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