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Steve McQueens last movie but what a way to go out.A wonderful story about a man who is used to things being how they used to be - he doesn't like new stuff - the old is just fine. Steve McQueen was dying from Cancer and was just over a year away from the end.His stuntman Loren Janes doubles him on this outing as he had done for the previous  21yrs. Stunt coordinator is Gary Combs and we hear from not only Loren Janes but also from stuntman Tommy Rosales who plays a character called Bernardo.One of McQueens best roles in my opinion. This one is full of action too because this old man he portrays is a bounty hunter and each person he tries to bring back isn't too keen.Thank you to Steve Hart for use of some of his interview with Tommy Rosales.Don't forget to watch the YouTube episodes each Friday Enjoy

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This isn't just a celebration of the James Bond movies but is also a huge thank you to those men and women who have put us on the edge of our seats and taken our breath away with exciting action sequence and breathtaking stunts. A journey through Film and Television action.Your host is Jon Auty who is a stunt historian, co-host of podcast The Stunt Pod and author of the book 'Jump Rocky Jump' about the life and times of legendary Film and Television stuntman Rocky Taylor and the soon to be released 'Ever Heard of Evel Knievel', the definitive guide to the stunts history of the James Bond Film Series.