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BiggerPockets Money Podcast

151: From Single Dad w/ $61K in Student Loans to Financially Savvy Real Estate Investor with Tony J Robinson

av BiggerPockets Money Podcast | Publicerades 11/16/2020

You may know Tony J Robinson as the co-host of the Real Estate Rookie podcast, but you probably don’t know his backstory. As a single dad working his way through college and student debt, Tony knew that he needed to have a plan in place to pursue his goals and find financial freedom. He also knew he didn’t want to repeat the same real estate mistakes as his parents. He went from an engineering student, to owning a small tutoring business, to marketing, and finally landed a sweet gig at Tesla! After paying off debt, creating a healthy reserve fund, and divvying his money into over 20 different checking accounts (yes, 20+), he was able to reap the rewards of smart financial management and chase down freedom through real estate. If you’re trying to consolidate debt, find ways to make more money at a job, or leverage creative funding to finance your next deal, Tony has a solution to your problem. In This Episode We CoverHow job jumping can accelerate your raises and income growthWhy EVERY investor (and person in general) needs a healthy cash reserveThe importance of talking to your children about financeWhy being good at math doesn’t mean you’re great at financial management How paying off debt can drive investment fundingHow to fight lifestyle/income creep so you can live below your meansThe strategy to leverage your stock portfolio for real estate fundingCreating the “why” behind financial decisionsAnd so much more!Links from the ShowBiggerPockets Money Facebook GroupBiggerPockets ForumsDave Ramsey's Envelope System ExplainedBiggerPockets Money Podcast 149 with Nick GrooverBiggerPockets Money Podcast 112 with Natalie KolodijRookie Podcast 10 with Tony RobinsonRookie Podcast 37 with Tony Robinson

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