36. Savannah's C-Section Leads Her to Homebirth!

Hi guys!!  It's DECEMBER! Like almost Christmas - how?! Anyway - wow. Hope you have everything in order for the holidays and are enjoying this cozy time with your fam! :) Today we are chatting with Savannah, who after her first birth did NOT go to plan, went down the natural rabbit hole and wound up having a home birth, like sooo many we have heard from before! We just love when women realize they can change their destiny when it comes to their births, even if the first (or first few!) didn't go to plan! Follow Savannah on Instagram! She loves chatting birth! Like we mentioned - we will be taking January off to refresh and regroup a bit. We still want to her your stories, though! Please fill out our form to let us know you're interested in sharing! What drives us is informing mamas like you that natural birth IS an option! Your stories are so powerful. Don't be shy - give us a shout and we will be happy to chat! Hope you all have a lovely, merry Christmas.. we'll be back with one more episode before the New Year! Until next time, Kali + Cait --- Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/birthnaturally/support

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