Torsdagar Black Box Down

Sliding Off The Runway

av Black Box Down | Publicerades 2/25/2021

Two flights overrun the runway while trying to land and takeoff. Air France Flight 358 tries to land during a thunderstorm and Emirates Flight 407 tries taking off, but is too slow. What events led to these planes overrunning the runway? Find out on this episode of Black Box Down.  Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @BlackBoxDownPod. Sponsored by Honey ( and The Jordan Harbinger Show ( BUY OUR SHIRT - U.S. STORE: U.K. STORE: Crash Simulator:

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A true crime podcast in the air. Lifelong aviation enthusiast Gustavo Sorola and his co-host Chris Demarais break down the major accidents in aviation and the steps taken to prevent future disasters. If you like true-crime podcasts but want something fresh and unique, you’ll love Black Box Down. Subscribe now and fasten your seat belt.