Blue Monday Special - Mark Donaldson Interview - Paul Mariner: My Rock and Roll Football Story

Rich chats to the author behind the upcoming Paul Mariner autobiography, Mark Donaldson. Mark discusses his process for putting the book together involving the great man and others, and shares some of the brilliant anecdotes from the book from Mariner's time with Ipswich - providing fascinating insights for Town fans young and old! Thanks for listening! Blue Monday is a fans-produced Ipswich Town podcast and video channel which has been covering the club since 2015. Catch our three weekly shows covering all things ITFC: Monday - The Flagship Show Wednesday - The Live Show Friday - The Prematch Show 💙 #ITFC | ➡️ Follow | 💬 Interact | 🔔 SubscribeSupport this show See for privacy and opt-out information.

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