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Dossier #50 - Casino Royale 1967

av Bond & Beyond | Publicerades 9/27/2019

Seven James Bonds went to Casino Royale...

Alex and James review what is quite possibly the worst film ever to feature James Bond (albeit in an unofficial, parodical capacity). We discuss the absolute mess that is 1967's Casino Royale, a comedy film in which the real 007 (apparently) and a bunch of fellow agents sharing his name and number try to save the world.

'Save the world' sounds vague, we grant you, but that's because it's honestly difficult to work out what this film is even about. Listen in to enjoy our thoughts on unconvincing Scottish accents, remote control ice cream vans and robot grouse drones, Ronnie Corbett's pacemaker, cartoon radiation burbs and a UFO invading London. Yes, really.

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