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Naomi Ishiguro and Sheena Patel (Poetry, Prose and Pandemics) Book Podcast

Writer and filmmaker Sheena Patel goes head to head with author Naomi Ishiguro in a war of the words.They talk about poetry in a pandemic, the joy of children's books, being creative with friends and the solitude of writing.In the Book Off they pit Cathy Park Hong's "Minor Feelings: An The Asian Condition" against "The Book Of Hopes" edited by Katherine Rundell, but which one will win??? See for privacy and opt-out information.

Om Podcasten

A fun, upbeat, accessible show about brilliant books, writing and culture. Each episode sees two authors go head to head in a war of the words, championing a book they love and think we should all read...but only one can win.This book podcast features an incredible array of authors from across the globe and some amazing, and sometimes unexpected, book recommendations. #books #bookpodcast #authors #writers #booklovers #writing #literature #bookrecommendations #bookworms See for privacy and opt-out information.