Brains and Gains with Dr. David Maconi

Tom Brady's Celebrity Fitness Advice Breaks the Internet

av Brains and Gains with Dr. David Maconi | Publicerades 5/15/2021

0:00- Intro 0:40- General population versus evidence based population 1:20- Tom Brady’s genetics2:30- Super supplement usage in sports4:00- Who is this book for?5:20- Pliability training7:10- “Muscle pump function”9:10- Doing pliability training at home10:10- Specificity of training12:40- Pushing hydration 15:10- Poor nutrition advice17:45- The good in this book 21:10- Like and subscribeCoaching: those looking to support the channel and our donations to various charities, please consider the above link to become a member and have the opportunity to appear on the channel!Smile Fund: Homepage:

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