#51: Grow Your Products Without Growing Your Expenses

When it comes time to expand and grow, companies often rush to create new products that inflate their overhead. But in order to stay in business, doubling your costs means you must also double your profits. If you don't it could send everything into a tailspin. Think of it this way: if your business is like an airplane, your products are your wings. They need to be strong and stable to support your overhead, or the body of your airplane. If not, your business will crash!    In today's coaching conversation, Donald Miller talks with Courtney Jacobsen and Kylie Mimitz, co-owners of The School of Dance in Salt Lake City, all about how to grow their product offerings without bloating their overhead. If you want to start looking at how you can serve customers and make more profit all within your current business model, lean in and listen to today's episode!   Learn more about The School of Dance in Salt Lake City at TheSchoolOfDanceSLC.com.   --   Are you stuck trying to grow your amazing business everyone should know about? We can help! Go to BusinessMadeSimple.com/Podcast, share what's been keeping you up at night when it comes to growing your business, and you could be a guest on a future episode. If selected, Donald Miller will coach you during a podcast taping to help identify where your business is blocked and what you need to do to fix it. Stop playing a guessing game when it comes to growing your business and go to BusinessMadeSimple.com/Podcast today!   If you are struggling to discover the problem that's keeping your business from growing, we can give you a customized plan to fix it. Just go to MyBusinessReport.com, fill out the assessment, and get a FREE detailed report on the health of your business along with a customized plan on how to make it more profitable. It only takes about 12 minutes to complete! Knowing what's really going on with your business shouldn't be a mystery. Go to MyBusinessReport.com right now and get the customized plan you need to fix it.   Every week on the Business Made Simple Podcast we help you build your business like an airplane you can fly far and fast.

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Welcome to the Business Made Simple Podcast where we coach you to build your business like an airplane. The cockpit is your leadership. The body is your overhead. The right engine is your marketing. The left engine is your sales. The wings are your products and the fuel tanks are your cash flow. If you build the six parts of your business correctly it will fly far and fast. Every week we help a business owner just like you optimize their airplane.