Hearing God Through Prayer Doodling feat. Ali Hoffman

“The Holy Spirit is moving now- he doesn’t want to wait five years until you’ve got your life together.” It was my honor to share a beverage with the incredibly down-to-earth and inspiring gal pal Ali Hoffman. From discussing grieving your dreams to awkward parties and how to host them, Ali and I are your cheerleaders in living out today well, whatever God's calling you to right now. Show Notes Finding your personal charism How to get started prayer doodling, especially if you judge your own art abilities Praying in a time of desolation Letting go of perfectionism Grieving lost dreams well and accepting difficulties Your questions for Ali answered! Resources See Honora's homecoming here! Find Ali on social @theoodlesofdoodles Ali's website and shop Be Not Afraid Conference talks featuring Stacey, Ali and 40+ other Catholic speakers and musicians- FREE! Searching for and Maintaining Peace by Fr. Jacques Philipe Join the Called and Caffeinated Patreon Community! Monthly video chats with Stacey and friends, and access to Stacey's faith and lifestyle podcast, Coffee Sips! Pledges start at just $5/month.  This episode is sponsored by Catholic Match. Don't miss the chance to win a FREE premium 6-month subscription when you click THIS link and set up a free profile (it only takes a few minutes!) Nothing else required- just sign up before May 30!

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Hearing God's calls for our lives isn't always easy. How do we interpret and understand what God is calling us to, both in our vocation and in other life choices? Join Stacey Sumereau on coffee dates with Catholic friends for insight and inspiring guidance. Stacey toured with Broadway shows before finding out that her dreams weren't making her happy. Her discernment of her future took a radically different turn when Lifetime documented her journey on the reality TV series "The Sisterhood: Becoming Nuns." Since then she hasn't stopped searching for God's will! More on discernment at staceysumereau.com Original music by JF Church.