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#28 - Warning Lights Flashing for Cannabis Investors in Jan 2020

av Cannabis Investing Network | Publicerades 2/3/2020

In this week's episode we digest our warning from last week and discuss some issues which have come to the surface. Many of these are warning lights flashing for weed investors to exercise caution:

- How we got here: people are not paying attention

- BMO issues an optimistic Price Target on Canopy for $40 CAD. Why this matters (and why they're wrong)

- Discussing Medipharm's $9.8M CAD statement of claim against HEXO 

- Are we wrong? Is the negativity in the space already "priced in"?

- Where are we now: Hot Air Balloon Metaphor

- Should companies just stay private instead?

- Promo companies not promoting - what that means

- Long-term bullish: Why the winning companies will benefit from all this

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