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#30 - 4 Reasons Why Cannabis is a Fantastic Investment Opportunity Longer Term

av Cannabis Investing Network | Publicerades 2/10/2020

Although we continue to warn investors for the fallout about to occur we also want to explain why we are still actively investing in the cannabis space. In this episode we discuss the major factors which will drive the sector longer-term:

1. Canada - 2.0 Product Ramp & Ontario Retail Stores (~500 expected by end of 2021)

2. New Markets - International (Mexico, Israel, EU) + US (New Jersey, New York, Arizona and more)

These two points alone will potentially bring billions of dollars of sales online in the next 2 years!

3. Rise of CBD and other Compounds (CBN, CBG, and more to come)

4. Potential for Bio Synthetic Cannabinoids 

It's important to keep a longer-term focus as it takes time to build real businesses and have new programs roll-out. 

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