S2 Ep4: Overcoming confidence saboteurs and what exactly is co-active coaching? With Katrina Howells

In this episode, Jane talks to Katrina Howells, Organisational Psychologist and Executive Coach. Katrina specialises in helping women with confidence issues, imposter syndrome and getting to where they want to be in their careers. She is a co-active coach and explains what this means and how she works, not just on specific issues in work, but looks more holistically at some of the behavioural patterns that often keep us going around in circles and can stop us finding inner happiness. For more information about Katrina click here.    

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Why do so many of us go careering into motherhood, unaware of just how hard it is to have a meaningful career as well as family commitments? And why don’t men struggle with their careers in the same way? We talk about the rise of flexible jobs and work anywhere policies, executive burnout and the pressure to be “always on,” Government claims that 75% of mothers are in work, and yet there's being in work and there's having a career. If you’ve had a career break, been on maternity leave, want a career change, want to relaunch yourself back into work or just want a happier balance between work and everything else, Careering Into Motherhood is here with practical advice, insightful interviews and real human stories. Jane Johnson helps empower women and negotiate with employers to offer flexible working so they can stay in their careers. She negotiated her own senior role as a job-share, and in 2019 she set up the Careering Into Motherhood Facebook Group to promote discussion around flexible working, the group now has more than 8,000 members and a successful women’s mentoring programme.