In today’s episode, we’re talking about your self-fulfilling prophecy. Do you believe your words have power and meaning—the type of power to shift, shape, and alter your very reality? I’m sharing 5 ways your mindset can influence your day-to-day and ultimately shape your own self-fulfilling prophecy. Follow me on IG: @therealbrianmark Follow me on TIKTOK: @therealbrianmark

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This is the podcast to help online trainers make more money, change more people’s lives and have more freedom to be able to travel and spend time with the people they love. This movement is all about HUSTLE – for those people who are willing to put in the work in order to have a life they don’t have to escape from. My name is Brian Mark and I’ve been an online fitness coach for 6 years and I’m bringing you all of the experience and knowledge of what TO do, what NOT to do, and make it easy and simple for you to understand. For more information visit pt-domination.com