106: Kamal Ahmed – Breaking news: the life and times of a very British man

At a time when “trusted, impartial news has never been more vital,” Kamal Ahmed says he is taking lessons from almost 30 years in the newsroom to the News Movement, where he is on a mission to address a “global crisis of information”, aiming to deliver objective and trustworthy information for a digital generation. As editor-in-chief of the News Movement, the former editorial director of BBC News is aiming to sew the seams of unity back into public discourse, and it also informed his own book, The Life and Times of a Very British Man, a memoir about the history of and indeed resistance to immigration in the UK, and a celebration of the role immigrants play in our society. This month, the book was also included in Trevor Phillips’ Black History Month guide to the best books and films to read and watch to understand the black experience.

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