94: Leena Nair – Head and heart: igniting the human spark

Leena Nair is the Chief Human Resources Officer for the global giant Unilever. Her work sits at the heart of a team of more than 150,000 people, serving two and a half billion customers – one of the many reasons why she speaks of a personal purpose to “ignite the human spark for a better business and better world”.   And igniting a spark is something she knows a good deal about. She has been described as a ‘leader of many firsts’ not least since she was appointed the first female, first Asian and youngest ever Chief Human Resources Officer at Unilever.   Of this experience she says, “In every job I've done, I've been the first woman ever to do the job, be in the night shifts or the production work. You've got to be courageous, not only embrace the trailblazing, but also bring your own take on it.”

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