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Our favorite 'Must Have' Items of 2021

av Chattermouth Podcast | Publicerades 7/20/2021

Dawn gets a little too personal telling you all about her feet issues, and why having good shoes is so important.. But that led us to making a list of our favorite items. So if you make it through that “corny” part (you will get that joke soon), you will be rewarded because today we made a list of our Top Favorite Must haves of 2021. Dawn & Cher discuss their absolute favorite items from skin care products, to hair products, to electronics and everything in between! If you are looking to treat yourself to something new in the upcoming weeks, just wait until you learn about some of these awesome items that the “twins” are obsessed with! Rainbows Straightener Keratin Whip Conditioner Cantu Root cover up Root cover up Pen Hair spray Sally Hansen Legs self tanner Almond Oil Now Gold Loop earrings Natural deodorant

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