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Rich Hall's (US) Breakdown

av Comedy of the Week | Publicerades 12/2/2019

Join multi award-winning comedian and US citizen Rich Hall as he takes a look across the pond at the current state of US politics. A combination of stand-up, sketch and interview, Rich Hall's (US) Breakdown broadcasts live from the fictional IBBC network in Washington to the whole of the United States. In this thanksgiving special Rich and his co-host, Nick Doody take a closer look at the impeachment process, hear from some Democratic presidential hopefuls and listen in as Trump pardons a turkey... Written by Rich Hall & Nick Doody with additional material from Sarah Campbell and Mike Shepherd. The cast includes Lewis McLeod, Freya Parker and Mike Wilmot. Interview Guest Dahlia Lithwick (Host of Amicus Podcast, Senior Editor at Slate) Researcher: Mandy Baker Production Co-Ordinator: Candace Wilson Producer: Adnan Ahmed BBC Studios Production

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