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The Skewer

av Comedy of the Week | Publicerades 1/20/2020

A satirical river of sound and a platform for diverse new talent, this is topical satire like you’ve never heard it before. A new open-door comedy for a fresh generation of satirists who don’t write sketches, jokes and one liners, but instead channel their talents into playing around with sound. Following an award-winning pilot and an award nominated Halloween Brexit special, the "disorentating, dizzying, dazzling" Skewer returns for a full series. "A freeform assault on the senses.. deeply eerily beautiful discombobulating mosaic of spin" - Creator and producer Jon Holmes curates contributions from brand new and diverse talent in a show where the experience is enhanced through headphones, attaching the listener to a late night drip of current events as they melt into the brain, evoking a feeling of drifting off, but with the occasional uncomfortable sleep-twitch. Sketch-writing has long been the way into radio comedy but, for the new generation of satirists who don’t put pen to paper and instead beaver away on laptops using self-taught skills to toy with the news-scape, The Skewer's guerrilla approach to satire is their new playground. “If ever there was an audio version of Coldwar Steve, it might well be this! Incredible.” “Cassette Boy meets Blue Jam. Superb.” “A whole new genre of radio comedy programme invented right there. Clever, funny and scary all at the same time.” “Weirdly, hypnotically funny. More please.” “Pushes the boundaries of satirical radio into the murky depths. The world needs exactly this kind of creative commentary right now. Looking forward to more.” “With this new show, Jon Holmes asserts his place as king of outsider radio art. Its woozy, punch drunk style operates as a perfect satire of our times. Headphones on and fall down it’s K-hole, friends. Exceptional stuff.” Rufus Hound Producer: Jon Holmes An Unusual production for BBC Radio 4

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